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OnSite Software is the leading software for Fire Sprinkler Inspections / Checklists.

Industry Leading Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software

    Life Safety Inspector includes features aimed at the challenges of fire sprinkler inspections.

Photos/Voice Notes - Photo of deficiency sells the repair
  • Internal photo’s document field conditions and assures a complete proposal for repair
  • Inspectors hate to write.  Voice notes easily translate all the information for the proposal repair.

Liability - Freeze-ups & closed valves minimize your liability on the highest liability life safety inspection.   Have a photo of every valve in the open position that is time-date stamped to the inspection.  Reports easily show the valves in a postage stamp format.  Photo of every low point drain time-date stamped to the inspection.

Optional Barcodes – The software supports barcodes, but don't use barcodes when you aren't compensated for them.  Barcodes on sprinkler inspections often have 10 barcodes tucked in the spare head box for each of the items on the riser.  This just doesn’t make sense !! Only use barcodes when you customer absolutely requires them.

Pump Wizard - Show a flow curve with every test.

  • Compare to prior tests
  • Just enter your stream orifice info and pitots to calculate the flows


  • Flow tests, control valves, Backflows, pressure reducing valves and lots more.
  • Life Safety Inspector has ALL the reports in industry leading form.
  • AHJ specific reports - our development team can design your specific AHJ reports for full usage with Life Safety Inspector should the AHJ demand it.   Just about all AHJ's accept our reports and tend to like them much better!

Sprinkler Reports